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As the title says this is a place for the grieving, long-term caretakers, and all those who mourn. The site was born out of our a life-changing encounters with a rare degenerative genetic disease. This blog is about how we (at first individually, and later together) dealt with it – or sometimes didn’t dealing with it. To get to the most recent post click here. If you are new and want to begin at the beginning, click here for the post titled, “How We Got Here

What you’ll find on this site are weekly posts that talk candidly about the process of grieving and caregiving. Our hope is that whether you are dealing with caregiving or grief yourself, or are trying to support someone who is, you will find something of value in our musings, remembrances and tears.

Every post closes with a prayer that we wrote to go with the post content. We hope that you will use it to help you to deal with your daily struggles. To get the most from them, try praying them at least twice a day for a week. This repetition serves to work them into your heart.

To find out more about the blog’s intent, focus and direction, click on the About link. There is some good stuff there that we may expand on in future blog posts.

Please also click on the Register for Notifications link. If you do so and enter your email address, you will receive a reminder email to let you know when a new post is available. We will not use your address for anything else, and it won’t be for sale.

If you would like to get involved in what we are doing here, or have any questions, concerns, praise or criticism, please leave me a Comment.

Finally, a need that we saw was for the blog to reach beyond the English-speaking world. To begin addressing this need, we have installed an machine-translation function that uses Google Translate the convert the blog contents into other languages. Please send us a comment if you see a problem with the translations or you would like to see an additional language made available. Thanks in advance!

Thanks, and God’s peace to you.
Mike and Jean…

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